"For all the places I have been, I'm no place without you."


I am an adventurous creative whose main focus is on wedding & lifestyle photography. I am a wife to a police officer and a mom to three young boys.  Fun facts: I LOVE and prefer having a clean car inside and out, I wrestle my boys daily, you can bribe me with hot tamales or concert tickets, LOVE the smell of clean laundry but hate doing it, play soccer three times a week (#lifemotto “A week without soccer probably wouldn't kill me but why risk it?”), and I adore the saying
"Happy as a witch in a broom shop!"
There.  Now you know me!  ;)

When I have a free minute to myself. . . sometimes I lay on my back in the dark and listen to good music.  I'll find a corner where I can obsess over home layouts, interior design, and recipes.  I head down to my property where I am the general contractor on the build of my new home (say what)! I also venture into other lands for creativity and make short films, design graphics for children,  create websites for professionals, and write poetry/music.  
What can I say, I try to fold dreams into my everyday life! (thank you Liz Gilbert)

My life is far from perfect and I tend to be overly honest about that.  
I want to see my imperfections and always strive to become something better.  
That's part of a good human's quest in life, right? Being real, honest, and loving.  
To me these are the most important and alluring things in this life.

Documenting people and their stories, mixed with the magic of light, is what has driven me and continues to drive me in my business.  I love the challenge of helping my clients feel comfortable and completely themselves, while I document their beauty and human power.  I have been blessed to do it for as long as I have and I hope to be able to do it for many years to come!


A big thank you to Emmy Lowe, Jonathan Canlas, and Jalene Taylor for capturing the love, personality, and MAGIC of me and my family!

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